Production of both short and long-term timelapse films. From single events to multiple-month construction builds and environment monitoring. Full HD, 4k and 6k resolutions. Full service including site surveys for camera installation, camera hire, remote camera monitoring, client portal for viewing images & final film editing.
Commercial and documentary image production. From documenting a project life cycle to creating engaging promotional images. Design and production of public communication outputs. Photographic printing options available up to large-scale exhibition print sizes.
Providing single shoots and long-term construction and site progress monitoring services. Aerial drones suitable to site requirements. Up to 5.6k resolution footage options and high-resolution still imagery. CAA registered pilots and location-specific insurance.
Production of promotional films, interviews and documentary material. Recording in 4K resolution. Full project services including: planning, storyboarding, location scouting, risk assessments, filming, editing, graphics and music licensing. Production of visual outputs, from short social media films, through to long-form documentary production.
Using remote cameras, camera traps, photography and film techniques alongside long-term timelapse cameras to document wildlife, landscapes and project sites. Creating detailed client-accessible project image databases.
This project for ENSO Energy used a multi-method approach to record, catalogue and deliver a range of visual outputs for following the process of construction of a new 49.9mw solar site in South Gloucestershire, UK in 2021-22. Methods used to create visual outputs included: long-term timelapse camera installation, photography, filming and aerial imaging. This selection of methods provided a broad range of visual outputs suitable for use across print, web and social media platforms.

Timelapse Films
Covering 11 months of the build process on site, Myriad installed multiple 4k cameras that benefitted from solar charging, remote access and download abilities. These cameras were able to document the construction process from start to finish, giving the client a powerful timelapse compressing many months of activities into an engaging short film suitable for online use. This process also produced thousands of date-stamped panoramic images allowing the client to review build progress without having to make multiple site visits.

Photography and Filmmaking
Documentary and aerial photography and film techniques documented the site at various stages in the build process. Photos can be used for website, communications and social media.
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