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Together We Have It All: Women Entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan's community-based tourism sector, Myriad Press, 2023
This book shares the narratives of women entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan's tourism industry. The book brings together Alexander Parkyn-Smith's photographs with narratives written by a research team from the NURCE Center at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan.

The book was designed by ICVL Studio, Bristol, UK and image preparation and book production was managed by Bread & Butter Studio, Bristol, UK

Citation: Yousafzai, S; Parkyn-Smith, A; Sailaukhanova, D; Chaia, A; Omran, W; Lennartz, E; Amirbekova, J; (2023) Together we have it all: Women Entrepreneurs In Kyrgyzstan's Community-Based Tourism Sector.

Library of Congress Cataloging
Subjects: 1. Kyrgyzstan—Economics. 2. Entrepreneurship— Kyrgyzstan. 3. Women—Kyrgyzstan—Biography.

ISBN: 978-1-7393134-0-1

This project is supported by Nazarbayev University Faculty Development Grant No. 11022021FD2913
Photography supported by FUJIFILM UK
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