Charities and non-governmental organisations

Myriad is experienced in carrying out commissions for charities, producing public communication content, managing YouTube channels, as well as producing social media content for organisations.

Previous clients: Martin Par Foundation, Royal Photographic Society, Pallant House Gallery, UNISDR, US Aid-funded PSI International
Myriad are experienced in undertaking qualitative research and evaluation. Using a range of visual and ethnographic methods it is possible to create reports, evaluations and surveys which are widely accessible to a broad audience and communicate key findings in engaging ways.
Visual Anthropology
Visual anthropology is a broad discipline and can include a range of methods including those rooted in: documentary film, qualitative research and narrative filmmaking. One benefit of using visual methodologies is the ability to simultaneously collect data and communication material - invaluable in bridging the gap between data collection, synthesis and the communication of insights.
Photo Stories
Using photography as a visual storytelling aid can be a powerful tool. Used alongside text, images can quickly convey environment, mood and context to a wide audience.
'I am not your cat', BEARR Trust, Ukraine, 2021

Photography and article (link to article)
Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol, UK, 2017-22

Producing visual content for the Martin Parr Foundation
- Interviews
- Talks Archive
- Promotional films