Offering insight through ethnographic research and making it accessible through visual means

Employing ethnography – the core method of social anthropology – as the basis of our research approach, we offer tailor-made research strategies based on providing valuable insight. It is a research method that includes participation, observation, and documentation of social life, based on the predicate that in reality people act differently to the way they may say they do.

Through an immersion with the target group in their normal environment we can see first hand the reality of the situation and build our research up from this base of observed behaviour. We offer a wide range of expertise through our specialised team of ethnographic researchers and film makers, who use their academic training to offer insight through in depth social analysis.

Using visual data collection alongside more traditional social research methods, we offer visual examples of behaviour at the final report stage that support our findings – offering concrete examples in a qualitative context.

We pride ourselves on broadcast quality visual storytelling that not only identifies and quickly illustrates key findings but does so in a universally accessible way.

Our team is made up of multilingual film makers and ethnographic researchers (with languages inc. English, Danish, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Korean…etc) operating from our two platforms in London and Copenhagen.

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