MIX Copenhagen screening Two Mothers + The Guest

MIX Copenhagen is back with their 28th festival from 4-13 Oct 2013, and will be hosting two screenings focusing on LGBT parenthood. The Guest (Danish/Swedish with English subtitles), by Kira de Hemmer Jeppesen, is screened as a short before the feature Two Mothers (Zwei Mütter, German with English subtitles), by Anne Zohra Berrached. Screenings will take place

MONDAY 7 OCT 2013, 20.45, followed by Q&A


Gothersgade 55, 1123 København K


WEDNESDAY 9 OCT 2013, 12.00 (Babybio)

at EMPIRE BIO,  Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200 København N

Check out MIX Copenhagen’s own page, where you can also get your tickets and have a look at the rest of the programme.


Katja and Isabella are a solid couple in their prime who longs to have a child together. But the journey towards pregnant is not as easy as they had thought. They must fight against both a discriminatory German system as well as their own notions of what motherhood is – and what price they are willing to pay for it. In an engaging and almost documentary fashion this drama portrays the challenges inherent in a lesbian couple’s dreams of motherhood. Short: A Danish surrogate mother and her reflections on giving birth to another couple’s child in Scandinavia.





“MIX Copenhagen is the oldest still running film festival in Denmark and one of the oldest LGBT film festivals in the world. We are a volunteer organization based completely on the passion of LGBT film aficionados who offer our spare time to make MIX Copenhagen a spectacular event not only for the LGBT community but for all of Copenhagen and beyond. We are therefore greatly dependent on and thankful for the support of the community, our sponsors and each and everyone who help us in any way with our mission; to present films that bend genders and break sexual boundaries, to stir up gender politics and reflect diversity.”